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Product Description
Security Tape Partial Transfer Type is developed to seal Non-Reusable surface treated PE bags or glossy paper material (such as courier bags, envelope, confidential documents, restricted medical product..., etc.). It offers the highest level of security for your tamper proofing needs. When tape is removed, the printed word or pattern is exposed and adhesive remains, leaving the printed word or pattern on the bag, that indicates the bag has been tampered with. Besides, #61xx-3 and #81xx are suitable to be used for die-cutting.

The available colors:
Red Yellow
Blue Green
Transparent White
Silver Purple

Physical Properties
Item Number : #20xx-3 #61xx-3 #81xx-3
Facestock : Mylar White Release Paper White Release Paper
Backing : OPP Gloss Polyester Matted Polyester
Adhesive : Acrylic Acrylic Acrylic
Total Thickness : 2.4 Mil. 2.6 Mil. 2.8 Mil.
Ahesion : > 7.05 oz/in > 7.05 oz/in > 7.05 oz/in
Holding Power : > 48 Hours > 24 Hours > 24 Hours
Cold & Heat Resistant : -30C to 80C --- ---

All physical properties listed above represents average figures obtained from random laboratory testing and should not be used for setting engineering specifications. Each user should make his own tests to determine the products suitability for his own intended use and should assume all risks and liability in connection therewith.